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American Legion Post 137 Honors Flag Day with Grand Flag Retirement Ceremony

American Legion Post 137 in Darien, GA, recently marked Flag Day with a solemn and respectful flag retirement ceremony, retiring nearly 1,200 worn and tattered American flags. This annual event is a poignant reminder of our respect for the flag and what it symbolizes—freedom, sacrifice, and the American spirit.

The Ceremony

The flag retirement ceremony, held at our Post, is a dignified and prescribed ritual that honors the United States flag as it is retired from service. According to the U.S. Flag Code, when a flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, preferably by burning.

Our ceremony involved carefully honoring each flag before respectfully placing them into the fire. This process is conducted in silence enhancing the gravity and solemnity of the occasion.

Fellowship and Unity

Following the ceremony, members of Post 137 and community attendees gathered for a lunch, fostering fellowship and unity among all present. This time of communal gathering is integral to strengthening the bonds within our Legion family and the wider community, reinforcing our collective commitment to national pride and civic responsibility.

A Call to Proper Flag Etiquette

We also take this opportunity to remind our community about the importance of proper flag etiquette and the respectful disposal of worn flags. American Legion Post 137 proudly serves as a collection point for old flags throughout the year, ensuring that every flag received is retired with the honor and respect it deserves.

As you fly your flags at home or at your places of work, remember that when they reach the end of their service, your local American Legion Post is here to assist in their proper retirement. We encourage you to bring your worn and tattered flags to Post 137, where they will be retired in accordance with the traditions and values we hold dear.

Join Us in Honoring Our Nation’s Flag

Let us all remember the importance of our national emblem and ensure it is treated with the dignity it warrants. Join us next year on Flag Day to witness this moving ceremony, and consider this your invitation to engage with us in community service and the stewardship of our nation's symbols.


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