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Bring the Bingo Buzz Back to Darien: Support Post 137's Revival Initiative

We're reigniting a beloved tradition at Post 137 in Darien – the much-anticipated return of our Bingo Nights! It's been decades since the lively calls of “Bingo!” echoed through our hall, and we're all set to bring this joyous activity back to life.

Once a bustling hub for bingo enthusiasts, our equipment found a new home with a fellow Legion post. But we've heard your nostalgic stories and seen your eager anticipation; it's time to restore the game's legacy at Post 137.

Our Legion post, steeped in history, once orchestrated the town's most cherished celebrations. It was a time when our members, recognized as pillars of the community, would don the hat of “Special Police of the Day,” ensuring every event was a resounding success.

Times have changed, and our visibility may have waned, but our commitment remains unwavering. We continue to be a sanctuary for veterans and a springboard for our youth, championing scholarships and leadership programs like Boys and Girls State.

To enrich our vibrant community fabric and boost awareness of our mission, we're calling on you. We need to raise $5,000 to revive our bingo nights. These funds will secure cutting-edge flashboards, a new ball machine, and an electronic control mat – essentials for a top-notch bingo experience. While we're covering the ancillary expenses, every bit of your support propels us forward.

Join us in this community-building journey, support our cause, and let's all shout “Bingo!” together once more.

We eagerly await your presence at Bingo Nights with Unknown Soldier Post 137 – where history is honored, and new memories are made.


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