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As a nonprofit, Unknown Soldiers Post 137 of the American Legion relies on diverse fundraising efforts like the Canteen, raffles, and turkey shoots. Recognizing that some traditional fundraisers no longer fit today's world, we've adapted to innovate and evolve.

Here, we'll showcase our active fundraising projects, complete with highlights and dedicated donation links for each.

Should you prefer your donation to support a specific program, simply use the corresponding link. This will ensure your gift is directly allocated to your chosen initiative.

With every donation, you'll receive an email receipt detailing your contribution and providing essential tax information for your records.

Your support is invaluable to us. Thank you for enabling our continued service and impact.

Support Post Operations

Donations made through this channel are designated for general post operations, ensuring the smooth functioning and broad scope of our initiatives. These contributions support various programs, including immediate assistance for veterans in need, where specific fundraising plans may not be in place. Additionally, funds may be allocated towards the purchase of uniforms, flags, and essential items for post activities, underpinning the foundation of our community service and honoring traditions.

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Annual Scholarship Fund

Contributions made via this link are specifically allocated to our annual scholarship fund. Traditionally, we have awarded $1,000 annually to one deserving high school student pursuing higher education. Through your earmarked donations, we aim to expand the reach of this $1,000 award to benefit an increasing number of students. Your support can make a significant difference in the educational journey of these young scholars.

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2024 Girls State

The American Legion passionately supports America's future leaders through the Girls State program, annually empowering thousands of high school junior girls with essential leadership skills and a deep understanding of government operations, democracy, and American values. Donations received through this channel go directly toward sponsoring delegates to the Georgia Girls State, ensuring that the next generation of female leaders receives the education and opportunities they deserve.


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2024 Boys State

The American Legion is committed to nurturing the potential of America's youth, and through the Boys State program, we provide thousands of high school junior boys annually with crucial leadership skills, and an understanding of government processes, democracy, and American values. Donations made here specifically support the sponsorship of delegates to Georgia Boys State, enabling these young men to gain the insights and experiences that will shape them into informed and engaged citizens.


Visit our programs link above or Click For Learn More and/or Donate.

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Support the Golden Isles Veterans Village

Funds received here are earmarked and passed on to Golden Isles Veterans Village in Brunswick, GA.  We are happy to receive donations here on their behalf, but if you would like to donate directly you may do so at

The Golden Isles Veterans Village in Brunswick, GA, is a transformative community initiative aimed at supporting homeless veterans. This project focuses on providing transitional housing within a village composed of tiny homes and a central community center. By offering not just shelter but also access to physical and mental health services, education, and job training, the initiative seeks to address the multifaceted challenges veterans face upon reintegration into civilian life. Its goal is to empower veterans towards self-sufficiency and a brighter future, emphasizing community support and rehabilitation

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