Thank you for your service

Promote the common good of Veterans and general welfare of the people in the local community.

Join us in supporting our Veterans 

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All local high school seniors pursuing a technical certification are eligible to apply.

   Saturday nights

thru December 19th.

7 - 10 PM.

Public welcome.

Join us December 12th at 2 PM when we will honor and respectfully dispose of unserviceable American flags.  Public welcome. 

    Friday nights at 8:00 PM.                 Public welcome.

The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights, makes the most reliable soldier on earth.

- Stonewall Jackson

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Fish Fry dinner
American Legion Post 137

Join Us

Brothers in arms, on and off the battle field.
Legion Post 137

The post of the Unknown Soldier, located in Darien, GA.  We are dedicated to veterans and active service members alike. 


Phone: 912-437-6195

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