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National Commander Visits Georgia’s 8th District, Celebrates Local Contributions

On Sunday, April 21, 2024, a formidable assembly of Legion Riders escorted American Legion National Commander, Daniel J. Seehafer, as he toured Glynn and McIntosh Counties. The visit included stops at local legion posts and interactions with members across Georgia’s 8th District.

Unknown Soldier Post 137 proudly hosted Commander Seehafer, along with his delegation, leaders from the Georgia Department of the American Legion, and distinguished guests. The event highlighted the vibrant spirit of Americanism at both the post and within the local community.

The day featured a presentation by post members detailing recent initiatives, community engagements, and support activities. Highlights included the discovery of over 2,300 unmarked graves in Darien by Legionnaire Kieran McMullen and the subsequent launch of a fundraising campaign led by the post, successfully raising $10,000 to mark these graves.

Further emphasizing local impact, John Bartosh, Commander of the Sons of the American Legion at Post 137, shared updates on the Golden Isle Veteran’s Village project. This initiative aims to provide a supportive community for veterans, offering them safe housing and resources necessary for successful reintegration into society.

To date, Unknown Soldier Post 137 has raised over $15k supporting Commander Bartosh and the Golden Isles Veteran's Village. Other members were saluted for their volunteer work on the project as well as other team and individual contributions.

Commander Seehafer expressed his deep appreciation for the efforts of Unknown Soldier Post 137 Commander Steve Elsberry and the members of Post 137, underscoring their significant role in advancing the mission of the American Legion.

Unknown Soldier Post 137 continues to seek new members who are passionate about supporting veterans and their communities. For those interested in joining or learning more, we welcome you to visit and connect with our veterans, who can often be found sharing stories or playing pool at our canteen.



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