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Unknown Soldier Post 137 Blog - 1st Entry

Updated: Apr 22

"Embrace change, for it's the only constant in life." This timeless wisdom, reminiscent of Henry Ford's adage, "Do what you have always done and you will get what you always got," resonates deeply with us at Unknown Soldier Post 137 of the American Legion.

Navigating change is seldom easy. It challenges us, stretches our limits, and often forces us out of our comfort zones. As we transition from one era to another, it's natural to yearn for the 'good old days' while wrestling with the complexities of the present. This sentiment has become particularly poignant in recent times.

Take, for instance, a simple road trip I once took with my nephew to Virginia. Amid a relentless snowstorm, the portable DVD player became our sanctuary, a modern marvel that captivated my young companion for hours. When I mused about the absence of such gadgets in my own childhood, his bewildered response highlighted the vast technological chasm between generations. It was a moment that underscored how advancements like the internet, social media, and unforeseen global events like COVID-19 have dramatically transformed our lives, often sidelining traditional practices to the annals of history.

Consider the humble newspaper. There was a time when newspapers were the lifeblood of community engagement, eagerly awaited and widely read. I recall reading about a grand celebration our post organized years ago, widely covered by numerous local newspapers, drawing people from far and wide. Today, with only a handful of newspapers in circulation, this mode of communication seems almost alien to younger generations.

So, why does this matter? While it's tempting to dismiss these shifts as mere signs of the times, they remind us of the importance of evolving and adapting. It's with this spirit of adaptation and community service in mind that we're excited to introduce a new blog section on our website. This digital platform aims to bridge the gap between past and present, offering a space for our members to share news, stories, and updates about our activities, causes, and achievements. We invite you to subscribe and stay connected with the vibrant community of Unknown Soldier Post 137. Together, let's write the next chapter in our shared history, one post at a time.


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